As a band director, you will often be standing in front of a group with a wide range of ages, different levels, many different instruments, and a varying composition. Furthermore, the musicians will have different learning conditions, different developmental paces, different strengths, and different interests. As the musical leader of a band, there will therefore be a need for a repertoire and approaches that include many different people, instruments, and levels at once.

It will be easier to get more musicians to experience achievement and development by making thoroughly considered choices with regard to your repertoire and methods.

Many of the tips in this text are just as relevant whether the musicians are learning music by ear or with the help of sheet music. If the musicians are playing by ear, then they can play more advanced rhythms than if they are reading sheet music, but challenges related to register are often the same.

Regardless of how you choose to adapt it for your musicians, it is important that they feel they have a natural and useful role in the music.