Tihomir Bendelja er internasjonalt anerkjent med mange topplasseringer i internasjonale konkurranser.

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«I started with baton twirling almost 17 years ago. My sisters were baton twirlers, and as I watched them do these awesome tricks with what I though then was just a »stick» I was amazed and really wanted to try it out. Ever since then, I could never let go of my baton and was always practicing where ever I could get a chance to do so. Baton twirling was the only sport I ever stuck with and will continue to do so for as long as I can (if not competitively, then as a teacher). My achievements include multiple National, European and World titles along side other great successes in both NBTA and WBTF. The most recent are 2017 WBTF International Cup Solo and Artistic Twirl Elite title and 2018 NBTA World Champion title in Rhythmic Twirl Senior Boys category.»