Håkons Hall was completed on 1st February 1993. The hall was the main arena for ice hockey during the Winter Olympics in 1994, and served as the arena for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies during Paralympics. Today, Håkons Hall is one of the world’s most flexible multi-purpose halls and offers a world of opportunities for organizing a wide range of events. The hall offers excellent facilities in connection with the entrance for easily organizing and running a practical secretariat.

Håkons Hall is popular for athletic, cultural and commercial events both summer and winter. Handball tournaments, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and banquets can be organized in flexible surroundings. The unique architecture and the Olympic Egg serve as a magnificent backdrop for any event.

Håkons hall på Lillehammer

Håkons Hall in Lillehammer

Technical facts about Håkons Hall and facilities
• Up to 3500 sqm on one floor
• Activity area: 44 x 76 meter
• Pillar-free hall
• Maximum ceiling height: 40m
• Direct drive-in entrance to exhibition area
• Parking for up to 700 vehicles
• Spectator capacity: 11 500 seated spectators
• Flexible stand systems with telescope stands
• Easy access for disabled persons
• 60 m2 screen
• Electronic information scoreboard
• 330 sqm stage
• Stage curtains
• Flagbearers
• Tables and chairs for up to 2000 persons
• Round tables for up to 1000 persons
• Separate cafeteria

See our promo video showing the arena Håkons hall: